The Clouds are Ghosts

by The Clouds are Ghosts

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released September 11, 2009



all rights reserved


The Clouds are Ghosts Austin

Electro-acoustic band from Austin, Texas.

Earl Bowers - drums
Erin Fillingame - piano
Jon Klekman - bass
Jason Morris - vocals
Michael Parker - guitar
Steven Paul - guitar, synth

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Track Name: Change
The ghosts and the serpents are all gathered at the door
awaiting a hope conceived in fear
you dont know what you are in for
No you dont

You cant see what is coming even though it's screaming in your face
you sever it's head two more they will rise up in it's place

You dont know what you are in for
you cant see just beyond the horizon

When we were young our hopes so high
we held the future in our hands \now we have become the enemy
its such a shame we are running out of time to change
Track Name: Atomic Daydream
Traveling through life days and nights trying to battle the elements
what i got is what i get for thinking that i could ever change any of this
but i gotta stay sharp keep my eyes on the prize
or they are gonna try and take it from me
awakened by the lies i rise pull the blinds
finally i can see everything

the wind blows my windows
into pieces
blood now soaks into the carpet

traveling through life i reside in the moind of the optimist
feeding on memories as i'm trying to find all the frequencies in the dissonance
if i've heard them once before i swear to god i must have heard them a million times
resonant screams and cry's which vie for control of our souls but we cant let go no we cant let go o o

the wind blows my windows
into pieces
blood now flows
and i can see no reason
to forsake
this longing for a soft green daydream
as i wade into the darkness
Track Name: We Are Not Alone
Waiting for something to happen
something to turn this all around
pick me up off of the ground
trying to answer these questions
these questions are keeping me up at night
leaving me here paralyzed
I can not tell you what i see
the words are escaping me

not sure exactly what happened
how things possibly ended up this way
perhaps there's nothing i can say
i'm always awake so late at night
to the realization that i am a fool
perhaps there's nothing i can do

but i am not alone
we are not alone
Track Name: Fields
Essence pure as the driven snow
I was wrong to let go
Take it in
Lose control
All night long
Until its all gone

Restless days breed helpless nights
I rejoice and take flight
Over fields of mirrored glass
Hours pass
And then the dawn becomes my home
Track Name: Echo
Place the mask upon your face
And run like a gazelle
As if no one can tell
You're running from yourself
This is my final call for reason
Now the ship has run ashore
There will be no more transgressions
No more

You sleep s peacefully
You will weep
But don't weep for me
Never can this be undone
Never will this be undone
The promise was broken
Never to be mentioned again
So never speak of it again
Never speak of it again
Track Name: Vampires
As a man makes a stand
Shot down on command

They saw, they knew
They lied to you while they were tightening the noose

Now try and make it out alive
Wave goodbye

As we arrived at the back of the line
We could see the pyres at the top of the hill on fire
So we kneeled and prayed

Though forsaken we still wish to be
Though we wont be saved
Unless we save ourselves
Track Name: Orbiting
Arrive in a state of disillusionment
Will you survive the isolation of regret
Try to keep me in mind
When the ocean comes to claim that which has always been mine
As you will always be mine

We live in times of doubt and apathy
We give our hearts
Though we do so reluctantly
And i cant accept the thought that this
Has only been in vane
And we have been left here to decide whether or not
To do it all again
Lets do it all again
Track Name: Underwater Level
These blue eyes wont cry
In time this will pass
Right through the darkest clouds
Once you were frightened but now your free
Relinquish the crown
And sleep

For these blue skies
Don't lie
Welcome in the day
Right through the darkest clouds
Once you were frightened but now
Born again your reminded of how
Home free
Can be
Track Name: Learning
Embracing this ivory life
I am beginning to realize
This is not real the pain i am feeling inside
The silence reveals this fear is a plague of the mind

But i found solace in your eyes
Now they have closed
And i have been left here all alone
But i will find my way back to the place
Where rays of light will guide my way goodbye
Your fragile smile cut me down to size

How treacherous the path had become
With you and I as one
I was holding on to hope
Until your logic pried me loose

but i found solace in your eyes
now they have closed
and i have been left here all alone
but i will find my way back to the place
where rays of light will guide my way goodbye
goodbye my love goodbye